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About Pro-Line Race Preparation
    Pro-Line draws its roots from a family run automotive repair shop that was based in New York. The name was carried over in 1998 to our original motorcycle rental operation and continued when Pro-Line opened a full service motorcycle service center in Sanford, FL in 1999. At that time Pro-Line operated next to a local salvage yard building and built and repaired two and four stroke bikes from the late 60's to the early 90's. Pro-Line's original goal of revolutionizing motorcycling was not going to succeed working on salvage yard motorcycles, but the experience was valuable in creating a "Don't overlook anything" attitude. 

    In late 2001, Pro-Line moved to the heart of Orlando and never looked back. Pro-Line currently focuses on sport bikes and in 2002 we acquired a Model 250 Dyno, which allowed us to make drastic jumps in horsepower on almost every motorcycle that we encounter. In 2004, Pro-Line dabbled in a few AMA events and in 2005 we successfully completed our first Daytona 200 with rider Rick Shaw setting records for the most starts and most laps. 
Pro-Line is currently located in Lake City, FL which is just 50 miles South of Jennings GP. We now offer ECU Reflashing! Please give us a call anytime. Were here to help…..


Pro Line Race Preparation LLC
516 SW Arlington Blvd. Ste #102
Lake City, FL 32025
(407) 687-1271