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Fully Prepped Race Bikes
Bikes Offered: 

2001 SV650
2013 GSXR750

Our Arrive & Ride packages are all inclusive. Packages include Tires, Tire Warmers, refreshments, fully prepped / race ready motorcycle, gas for bike, track support by high leveled trained tech.
 We offer 1,2, and 3 day rentals! 
All the motorcycles meet and exceed AMA/CCS/WERA technical and safety requirements. Each bike will be prepared with the correct suspension settings, gearing, stands, fuel and tire warmers!

You will need to bring the following gear:
* Helmet
* Gloves
* Leathers
* Back Protector
* Boots

Jennings Gp does offer helmet, leather, glove rentals, please call them for availability

* Coaching is available*

Call for more info/ pricing (407) 687-1271

Arrive And Ride Race Bike Rentals!!
​This is an overall view of my business BUT its given from an onlooker and now friend based on how we got along over the weekend. 
His post is a perfect depiction of my business and attitude. From my rentals to the tire assistance for a guy who is having fun. I aim to please.  

Location: St. Louis 
Being new to this sport and a newbie at Jennings, I thought I'd give a quick review on what a track bike rental would be like based on observing Vinnie at work. Imagine being a test rider, or maybe even a racer for a weekend with your own crew! Your bike is waiting for you, fueled with tire warmers on and ready to go. You go out and put in your best lap times, pull into the pit and hand the bike off to the crew to be made ready for your next session. You can relax, discuss the track or bikes technical details and receive personal feedback for your next session, awesome! I kinda got a taste of what this would be like when I asked Vinnie if I could borrow a couple tools to change my rear tire and was greeted with him telling me to leave my bike at his pit and go grab my stand and tire. When I got back to his pit he had already started working on my bike and told me to grab a bottle of water and chill, he'd take care of it! While I was watching and waiting I observed how he was taking care of the rental riders as well and thought to myself, wow, I wish I was one of the rental customers! I may have to try this myself sometime and have a care free weekend by just showing up with my gear! Thanks again Vinnie for your awesome hospitality....